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Dr Nadia Mitchell

BCc, MSc, PhD
Dr Nadia Mitchell

Research Field

Neuroscience, Gene & molecular therapy, animal biochemistry


Lincoln University

Dr Nadia Mitchell is a neuroscientist and lecturer specialising in animal biochemistry

Currently based at Lincoln University, she focuses on using sheep models to improve understanding of human neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Batten disease.

Nadia has been instrumental in advancing studies involving brain- and eye-directed gene therapies. Her research centres on two naturally-occurring Batten disease sheep models, with the ultimate goal of translating findings into potential treatments for humans.

The impact of Nadia's work extends beyond the laboratory, as evidenced by the successful submission of an Investigational New Drug application to the US Food and Drug Administration. This marks a significant step toward translating gene therapies for Batten disease from sheep models to human clinical trials.

In addition to her roles at Lincoln University, Nadia serves as an Adjunct Research Fellow at the University of Otago.

Dr Nadia Mitchell

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