We are grateful to have the support of many generous businesses and community organisations throughout New Zealand.

Walking alongside us are a bunch of epic businesses that share our vision of healthier children with brighter futures. They know the value of donating to Cure Kids – whether it's directly off their bottom line, through fundraising activities and events, or gifting products and services that reduce our operating costs.

Without their support, our researchers would not be able to continue the important work they do. But research never stops, and to continue funding life-saving child health research, we need help from more New Zealand businesses.

Platinum Partners

Our three Platinum Partners support Cure Kids by directly funding research at the highest level. They are long-term committed partners who raise well over $1 million combined each year to help fund child health research.

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Key Partners

Our Key Partners each contribute over $100,000 to Cure Kids annually through a number of fundraising activities, business service support, and high-level sponsorship

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Associate Partners

Our Associate Partners support Cure Kids throughout the year by providing products and services, holding their own fundraising activities, co-branding products and gifting a % of the sale, and taking part in all Cure Kids-led events.

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Interested in becoming a partner? Reach out directly:

Amanda Piper-Randell

Amanda Piper-Randell

General Manager - Partnerships & Funding