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Professor Ian Morison

Professor Ian Morison

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University of Otago

Ian is a research haematologist, combining careers in diagnostic haematology and basic haematology research. His research interests include childhood acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (epigenetics), epigenetics of development (IVF and placental), genomic imprinting, genetics of blood disorders, and others.

Professor Ian Morison is a haematologist working both in a medical diagnostic laboratory and in a university research laboratory.

In the hospital setting, he diagnoses and sees first-hand the impact of childhood blood disorders, the most common of which is childhood leukaemia.

Despite the excellent prognosis that has been gained through 50 years of international collaboration, the journey to a cure is still long and arduous and unfortunately a few children don’t obtain a cure.

Within Professor Morison’s research laboratory we can see the potential of new markers that will assist us in the diagnosis and treatment of childhood leukaemia. These are called epigenetic markers, and over the past 20 years his research group has established considerable expertise with these markers. They are using epigenetic markers to find the cells that give rise to childhood leukaemia and using these markers to monitor the response of leukaemia cells to treatment in the hope that we can refine our understanding of the successful treatments that are currently used.

Professor Ian Morison

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