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Infectious Disease

There’s a large battle against microscopic organisms

Infectious diseases are conditions caused by organisms such as bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites. They can affect multiple organs of the body including the skin which is often subjected to infection by the bug Staphylococcus aureus, of which New Zealand has some of the highest rates in the developed world.
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Why is it a problem?

Why is it a problem?

Why are they a problem?

Infectious diseases are diseases that can be spread from person to person – this can be directly through close contact, or indirectly, from an infected person to an object, e.g. food, handles etc.

Did you know?

Aotearoa New Zealand has one of the highest rates of childhood skin infections among resource-rich countries.

Stopping the spread

But if we can stop the spread of an infectious disease, we reduce the risk of other people becoming unwell and passing the infection on to others – this helps protect vulnerable people in our communities such as the very young, the old or those with lowered immunity. It takes the pressure off our hospitals and other healthcare facilities and people can live longer healthier lives.


Eva has been fighting to survive her entire life. She was born with only half a diaphragm after suffering a diaphragmatic hernia during foetal development. With a hole in her diaphragm, nothing was holding Eva’s vital organs in place and they pushed up into her chest cavity, preventing her lungs from developing normally.

At just six weeks of age, Eva underwent her first operation to rebuild her diaphragm and reposition her organs. After multiple surgeries, numerous bouts of pneumonia, several strokes and an ongoing challenge with a hospital-acquired MRSA bug, she has defied the odds to be alive today.

Eva’s stomach and bowel do not function and after years of being fed intravenously she now uses a nasogastric tube and ileostomy to try keep her weight gain and health stable. Her body is constantly developing complications that drastically put her life at risk and require immediate intervention.

Eva is extremely close to her siblings. Her favourite hobbies are singing, dancing and baking. 

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