Corin was born on October 15th 2009.

One afternoon during feeding he went blue and was rushed to the hospital, where he had his first open heart surgery. He sailed through his first surgery, despite battling pneumonia.

On his six-week post op checkup the same thing had occurred again but further along his aorta.

For two and a half months Corin’s mother took him twice a week for monitoring so he could have another surgery at around four months old.

Corin’s second surgery saw him home in a week after another bovine patching of his aorta.

This time the post op check was at just four weeks, but it was all back again.

Corin was put on palliative care then, preventative actions were taken that were less invasive, including stents in his aorta, which are still there now and holding, and a cardiac catheter

When he had his second surgery a genetic blood test took place.

Corin had a very rare genetic condition where he lacked enough elastin in the arteries and veins, therefore it caused them to grow closed. It was then revealed that this is the same condition his brother Tyler had, who tragically and unexpectedly passed away at three months.

Every time Corin had a growth spurt it seemed to set his arteries off, so he now has stenosis of the aorta, pulmonary arteries, carotid arteries, renal arteries and his right femoral artery is completely blocked, but he has a natural bypass with his pelvic artery at this stage.

Corin has side effects of these problems, he is very hypertensive, it has taken six years to get this under control but after working closely with his renal doctor, close monitoring by home-care nurses and cardiacs input this past month he is stable.

As a result of early surgery Corin has terrible scar tissue in his oesphageous which means every day he is walking around breathing through a windpipe as small as a straw.

This is obviously quite restrictive, so he has restrictions on some of his physical needs, like swimming – he isn’t able to follow the normal three strokes one breath sequence, he has to do two strokes and breath.

Corin currently is being seen by Cardiac, Renal, ENT and Vascular. For now, he is stable and doing well. He has roughly about 30 general anestethics, uncountable admissions and ED mad dashes, but he is defying a lot of odds and is going great.


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