The series of events that led up to his diagnosis was a scary time for Finn's family. In a matter of weeks, they witnessed their little boy go from a healthy happy kid, to a child that was potentially fighting for his life.

A phone call that changed their lives forever was one from the hospital and the request was clear – Finlay is very sick and needs to get to the hospital quickly.

At the Hospital Emergency Department, Finlay was taken through a series of tests. Three hours later the diagnosis came in, Finlay was diagnosed with type-1 diabetes. If it had been 24-48 hours later, Finlay could have been fighting for his life.

A week’s stay in the hospital was required to stabilise him and teach his family how they needed to look after him.

Finlay’s day-to-day life is a constant routine of monitoring, calculating and balancing with the help of an insulin pump, but this does not stop Finlay from having fun. Those who know Finlay describe him as an absolute trooper, who takes everything in his stride.

Finlay is a happy boy who is filled with joy and cheek, his greatest love is football – he is incredibly passionate about it and doesn’t let type-1 diabetes hold him back. When not in football mode he spends time with his mates and dog or hanging with family including his brother Jack and sister Lily.


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